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Organic advocacy marketing is about the confluence of cultivating authentic brand advocacy and fostering community action as one powerful movement. It’s about empowering your brand advocates. These are your fans, champions, customers, and ambassadors who want to help your efforts as co-marketers, promoters, creators, and collaborators. Unlike paid influencers, advocates are happy to support your efforts for perks, recognition, and rewards. Community action is the collective activism, social belonging, and evangelism that sustains advocacy into a force multiplier. Both elements together generate extraordinary results for driving awareness, viral growth, and valuable engagement.

Organic marketing trifecta


Orchestration is the leading performance driver for coordinating marketing assets and media channels to drive activation sequences, conversion funnels, and viral loops.

Orchestration increases the value of your owned marketing assets (customers, seo traffic, email lists, social channels); your paid media channels (digital advertising, paid influencers, sponsorship, etc); and earned media (public media and word of mouth) to create an effective growth marketing trifecta.

Organic growth marketing


The art, science, and magic behind organic marketing is not new, but unlike digital advertising it has not been easily scalable, systematic, and predictable. Our qualitative modeling, behavioral science, viral engineering, and systematic approach is taking advocacy to a level that can produce reliable outcomes.

For example in dynamic campaigns, the assets take on specialized roles. Owned media assets ignite the initial launch sequence to activate early advocate participation. Paid media is the rocket booster thrusting the growth velocity into overdrive to accelerate user activation and engagement and thus propelling the earned advocacy. The sequence lifts the viral loop cycle into a state of perpetual amplification.

Systematic viral advocacy modeling


Until now, most of the analysis of viral loops focused on the results metric of referral conversions per user, usually expressed as a viral coefficient or viral lift. Our approach was to successfully study hundreds of comparable campaigns to understand the inputs to achieve reliable results, systematically manufactured.

For example we found that the growth velocity in viral loops is an important factor. One way to increase velocity is to require as little friction as possible in the loop. This can be achieved by collecting minimal information such as name, email, social ID, and/or the phone number before or in addition to higher conversion objectives as app install, signup, or purchase.

In addition our analysis has identified the input factors that influence viral loop and organic marketing success systematically. The key factors with the greatest positive impact are social conversion, user activation, use engagement, and growth velocity. Further these factors must meet minimum metric thresholds or be offset by another to ensure the highest likelihood for predictable viral outcome. We look forward to sharing more of our insight, research, and findings in the near future as we unlock the mysteries of systematic virality and organic growth.



Queue Technologies is a performance driven organic marketing technologies company based in San Francisco specializing in demand chain optimization, persuasion neuroscience, viral engineering, and systematic behavioral design. Founded in 2012 and privately funded, Queue pioneered virtual dynamic priority queues for amplifying demand and is the industry leader on systematic viral marketing. Leading brands, growth marketers, and digital marketing agencies trust Queue to activate, grow, and scale their advocate communities for massive success.


To empower communities to thrive and grow through authentic advocacy to accelerates people-driven grassroot movements.


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